Comfort Packs for #AllTheKids!

Comfort Packs were created by our co-founder Super Sam as part of his wish to take care of “all the kids” in the hospital. Our original Comfort Packs include items that brought comfort to Sam when he was in the hospital – stuffed animals, movies, and soft blankets. Comfort Packs can be mailed nationwide and we make Comfort Pack deliveries to hospitals throughout the Midwest.

Sibling Support Packs

Awesome Ava, Sam’s twin sister, came up with the idea for Sibling Support Packs because “Cancer is a Family Fight!” Our Ava’s Avengers packs include crazy socks, journals, and other items to help pass the time in the hospital. We want siblings to know they are noticed and supported.

Super Caregiver Packs

Super Caregiver Packs are available to be sent to caregivers and contain items such as journals, unscented soaps, tissues, laundry detergent, wipes, and other practical items that are needed during extended hospital stays. While Comfort Packs and Sibling Support Packs are provided free of charge thanks to our generous supporters and sponsors, we do ask for Caregiver Packs to be purchased.

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