Bring comfort and support to All the Kids and their families.

Support Super Sam Foundation

Be a part of an uplifting, faith-based, empowering organization who values all types of support—big or small. No act of kindness is overlooked.

  • Volunteer with a HERO Team in your area.
  • Start a HERO Team in your area – we are here to help!
  • Spread love, comfort, and support to children all across the US and right at home.
  • Host a bake sale, lemonade stand, pack drive, chili supper, Gold Out Game, or other fundraising event.
  • Ways to outreach with SSF – Cook at your local Ronald McDonald House in honor of All the Kids.
  • Random acts of kindness… show kindness in honor of All the Kids.

How We Operate

We operate on a three-prong approach in all we do:

  • Would Sam be proud of this?
  • Does it honor God?
  • Does it help All the Kids?

We strongly believe in family values and that all of our volunteers should always put their faith and family first in life. If we have learned anything in our journey with childhood cancer, it is to always keep that perspective in life. We hope to empower others to stand up for All the Kids, to fight for more funding and a better life for patients and the families thrust into this fight.


What is Ronald McDonald House?

A welcoming “home away from home” for patients and their families to stay while in treatment at little to no charge. Meals are provided at no charge to families staying in the house.

Sam, along with his mom and Nana, stayed for one month at a RMH in Jacksonville, FL. The experience changed their lives, and they have vowed to cook in order to give back some of the help that was given to them.

How does this help Super Sam Foundation?

We operate with the idea of helping All the Kids and to give back when we can. No donated funds are ever used to purchase meals. We donate our time and food as individuals, while wearing Sam’s shirts. Under the SSF name, we help show the families in the fight there are others who are thinking of them, and we know what they are going through. A home cooked meal can go a very long way after being in the hospital all day.

Again – “Would this make Sam proud?” Yes, I know it does.

How do you sign up?

Contact your local RMH and say “I want to cook!” When they ask what your organization is, let them know your service is in honor of Super Sam and the Super Sam Foundation. We are happy to send brochures along with you.

Host a Pack Drive

What is hosting a pack drive?

We collect new items year-round to be used in all of our packs. Hosting a pack drive means collecting items anywhere and from anyone you trust. Set a time frame you would like to collect for (2-4 weeks typically). We will help arrange transportation of collected items.

SSF will host a multi-state drive in September in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. If interested in joining the effort please send us an email to get on the approved list of drop-off locations.

How do you host the pack drive?

A pack drive can be as simple as a box in front of your school, business, or church office to collect items for SSF.

It can be as big as “filling a truck” in front of your local big box store while customers patron the store and raise awareness with flyers about SSF and the fight against childhood cancer. This is great community service project for service groups.

When the timeframe of your drive is over we will coordinate transportation of the items.

How do we sign up?

Send us an email and we will help you through every step!

Join a Support Hero Team

What is a support HERO TEAM?

A group of caring individuals who are committed to helping further the fight against cancer. These teams are large and small. They can host small office fundraisers such as “Jeans for a Cure” or large events such as a SuperHERO 5K or TOSS OUT Cancer Cornhole Tournament. We have materials in place to help host these events.

Training for large events is available through our Callaway County Hero Team.

What does each team do?

The goals are simple: to raise awareness, raise funding and support for All the Kids. The opportunities are limitless… everything helps.

How do we sign up?

If interested in starting a HERO TEAM please email and we will walk you through every step!