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Requesting a Pack

Dear %%fullname%%,

Thank you for requesting a pack from the Super Sam Foundation! We have shipped your pack and it is on the way! Please expect the delivery within the standard shipping timeframe. We appreciate you, we are thinking about you, and most of all we are loving on you. Keep up the good Fight! Sam would be proud.

~Your Friends at The Super Sam Foundation


"Our Kids Deserve Better. They are our future – the best of us." — Sam's Mom

Help us reach our goal

The Super Sam Foundation has a goal to fund at least one research grant each year. The rest of the funds we raise will go to support the children we refer to as Heroes in the Fight by providing Super Sam Comfort Packs. To the Families in the Fight, we will send Ava’s Avengers Sibling Support Packs and Super Caregiver Support Packs. These comforting and practical gifts are already being used to “help All the Kids.”

" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. "

Philippians 4:13