Sam's Mission

"Help All the Kids in Children's Hospital to feel better."

This is no ordinary gift


To provide comfort and support to our little heroes, their siblings, and parents, we partner with volunteers and donors to send packs filled with necessities and love. You can find more information about each pack below.

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What is a Comfort Pack?

This Super Sam Comfort Pack is a unique gift as it is for kids, from kids. It is unique to the difficulties of side effects with chemo. This pack has all three components of comfort: soft to touch and warm, companionship, and entertainment.

What Is Included in a Pack?

  • A soft blanket to soothe sensitive skin
  • A stuffed animal to provide companionship in the absence of siblings
  • A movie/itunes gift card for entertainment
  • Each pack is specifically customized to the child receiving it.

The Comfort Pack Story

When Sam was beginning his bone marrow transplant, we knew he would endure 100 days of isolation—including time spent away from his twin sister, Ava. As we approached the transplant, I asked Sam what he wanted to do to put a positive spin on the situation and lift spirits. He said that he wanted “to make all the kids comfortable while they were in the hospital.”

I smiled, because that answer was just so… Sam.

I then asked him, “Ok, buddy, what makes YOU comfortable?”

He said he liked soft blankets because the hospital ones were too scratchy. He also mentioned his cuddly stuffed friends, because he really needed them when Ava couldn’t be there. As I was nodding my head and fighting tears, he added one more item. He said he really liked movies and wanted to include them too.

This resonated with me, because I saw how hard it was for Sam to do the things he used to do—like play with his Legos. Chemotherapy damages nerves in kids’ hands, making it very difficult to hold a crayon or snap a Lego. In fact, all of these items made sense to me, but I knew it would be a challenge to raise the money to put all of these things together.

I said to Sam, “Well, that’s a lot to get donated.”

In his confident, quiet tone that only he had, he said, “It will be OK. We can do all three.”

All I could do was sit back, kiss his forehead, and say, “OK. You got it.”

While Sam was in Bone Marrow Transplant we wanted to focus on something positive - not on the difficulty ahead or the 100 days of isolation post transplant. The goal was to send 100 packs in respect of 100 days of isolation.


What is a Sibling Pack?

In Ava's words, "cancer is a family fight." Siblings fight too - in so many ways. We often said Ava was Sam's best medicine. He would literally skip pain meds when she could visit. She always knew the right thing to help him, as so many close siblings do. It is our hope that the items in this pack will encourage and lift the spirits of children who are experiencing the life-altering illness of a sibling.

What Is Included ?

  • Crazy Socks—because when life gets crazy, you can put your crazy socks on. You can know that as you wear yours, another brother or sister out there is wearing some too—and they also know how crazy this life can be.
  • Journal and Writing Utensil—to doodle, write, draw, or even compose songs. This is a way for the sibling to express the things they can’t seem to say out loud.
  • Small Stuffed Animal—because they miss their sibling and the animal can be by their side every day.
  • Sling Backpack—this makes it easy for the siblings to pack things in and out of the hospital for visits.
  • Each pack is specifically customized to the sibling receiving it.
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An Outlet for Expression

This gift is unique because siblings fight a unique battle, they often don’t understand why their brother or sister is leaving for the hospital feeling ok and come home from chemo feeling awful. They don’t always understand why they have their brother or sister comes home with more toys than they left with. They need an outlet to express themselves and both the socks and journal allow them to do that. The crazy socks are a sign of “the world just doesn’t feel right today"… to know others are wearing their crazy socks too. They need a gift, just for them… only for them… special and unique to them.

A monthly donation of $30 provides 3 packs for 3 kids. Be a hero - sign up today to start making a difference!

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What is a Super Mom Pack?

The items were therapeutic for me and helped strengthen me to tackle whatever challenge was next. It is my hope that the Super Mom pack will do the same for other moms who are on this road.

What Is Included in a Pack?

  • Tote
  • Laundry Items
  • Notebook
  • Soft Blanket
  • Arbonne Facial Cleansers
  • Gift cards for gas, meals, etc…
  • Each pack is specifically customized to the mom receiving it.

Therapy for the Super Mom

I was lucky enough to have some amazing friends who saw the pain and despair I was enduring and who wanted to help take care of me. One friend gave me a Thirty-One tote with a gold ribbon and an embroidered "SUPER MOM" underneath. Though it was handy, I was apprehensive.

I thought, "No, I am not super…SAM is the SUPERhero here."

However, as I began to use that special tote, I realized that what I was doing wasn’t easy either. In fact, it was the hardest thing I had ever done.

After that realization, using my tote was empowering and I gifted similar ones to friends who were on similar life journeys. I found that they had the same empowering experience.

Other friends gave me sweet gifts that made my life easier and gave me energy to comfort Sam and keep up with the doctors, tests, and treatments. The items were therapeutic for me and helped strengthen me to tackle whatever challenge was next. It is my hope that the Super Mom pack will do the same for other moms who are on this road.